Friends First

You are therefore I am
My dear friend
That I have known all my life
Or never met

About Friends First is a client-and audience-oriented company with a strong European potential.
The scope of our offer is as wide as the experience of our team members. Each and every project of ours is individually tailored for our clients' needs and wildest dreams with the key words being the foundation of our philosophy: friendliness, innovation and creativity.
Our offer opens with audiovisual production, training and workshops and concludes with a special offer for kids and teenagers.

Trainings & Workshops #1

FriendsFirst organizes a series of training and workshops for audiovisual and culture professionals with renown international experts. The areas we focus on are: development, marketing, distribution and audience building.

Events #1

Our team have got the experience in organizing a wide range of events from audiovisual and cultural summits, seminars and conferences to companies` get-togethers and corporate meetings. The events we organize are always at the highest standard of professionalism.

Kids #1

FriendsFirst team organizes life-coaching and self-development workshops for kids and teenagers with a special attention on the creativity potential development.

Transmedia #1

At the end of the year FriendsFirst team is a co-organizer of internationally recognized festival Learn Do Share (download presentation). We also organize a number of workshops and trainings about transmedia storytelling and its other aspects.

Film & TV Production #1

The FriendsFirst team is involved in the development and production of films and TV series that can be described as art-house with a commercial ambitions.